About us

Welcome! We are Candela & Ricardo, the creative minds behind Rawile.

This project was born in 2019, we were always in the hunt for new special pieces everywhere we travelled and it was so hard for us to find jewelry we considered raw and unique, so we decided it was about time to create something more meaningful, our own designs. We started researching jewelry techniques and producing a few pieces for ourselves, and after receiving good feedback from our close circle and our audience in social media, we decided to launch a small collection inspired in nature and the diverse cultures and artistic influences of the places that were close to our hearts.

Born as a tribute to raw imperfect beauty, Rawile’s collection portrays this aesthetics in everlasting unisex jewlery items with a unique story, for those searching for different and original quality silver pieces. All displayed items on this site are Rawile´s original designs in 925 solid sterling silver, handcrafted and finished by artisans in Bali. Our vision: creating jewelry full of meaning, jewelry that tells your story.

Since the moment we started conceiving this brand we had one thing clear: we were going to use our creativity to give back to the environment. Our aim is to work on our processes to offset our carbon footprint and become more sustainable, as well as allocating a percentage of our profits to do what’s most needed right now. Learn more about how we are contributing and how to get involved in our blog section.

Welcome to this beautiful community.
Hope you love our collection! Check it out here

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