Custom jewelry design Rawile Unique
Custom jewelry design Rawile Unique


Process of creation

As you tell us your story, we will use it as reference and inspiration to guide the design process. We like to create ideas from scratch and are very strict on our authenticity values. Therefore we can’t replicate or copy any existing design. You will have 1:1 meetings with our designers to discuss and shape your idea and will be a part of the design process. We will be sending you our design proposals and modifications until your final approval.


PriceMinimum price of 3,200€ that includes a piece of up to 10 gr. of solid 18 karat yellow rose gold. We will determine the final price once we have discussed your design idea.
Timing3 weeks or 21 days for completion. We will have several meetings to discuss and perfection the piece until you give us your final approval for the design and we start production.
DeliveryWe use express delivery. We will guide you through the process and explain to you all the available options regarding shipping and insurance.

Our bespoke service includes

  • Your final custom design with a maximum weight of 10 grams solid gold (yellow, white or rose.
  • A copy of the design produced in solid sterling silver or gold vermeil (according to your preference).
  • Personalized wooden box hand-carved by local artisans.
  • Printed card including the initial sketches and the story behind your jewelry creation.
  • Quality & exclusivity certificates.

Note:  the images on display are examples of previously made custom orders and do not represent the item you will obtain.
Once performed the booking payment, our team will contact you to start designing your special piece.

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