The Achiever
The Achiever
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The Achiever
The Achiever
The Achiever

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Chapter 8
The Achiever

Whatever you dream you can do, start it now.

The Achiever can keep a cool head and a strong focus walking through any challenges in pursuit of an end goal. Implementing and materializing ideas is the biggest source of pride and fulfillment for the achievers. They have a good sense of business and leadership skills. Their success is not due to luck but because of the constant attention and intention they put into their work.

Anything can be mastered with energy and persistence.

If you find yourself attracted to this chapter, you are naturally good at pursuing your end goals and not giving up. You are not afraid to fall; you know that failure will teach you great lessons about success. You will stand up and try again; it’s just a matter of time until all the elements come together to achieve your objective.



Strengths: direction, balance, strength, accomplishment.
The challenge: While keeping their eyes on the finish line is good, they can get too obsessed with results. Their most significant challenge in this chapter is to see the value in themselves, not only through their achievements. They must find a deeper sense of purpose in the process, recognizing the effort of others as an essential part of their success.

Wear this chapter as a reminder: To not give up. Putting dedication, perseverance, and effort into your goals will bring bring you closer to your dreams. Act on your ideas and make things happen. Remind yourself that everything is possible with discipline, drive, and determination.

Believe you can, and you are halfway there.

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