The Creative Child
The Creative Child
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The Creative Child
The Creative Child
The Creative Child

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Chapter 3 The Creative Child

If you’re not excited about it, it’s not the right path.

A child at heart that believes age is not an obstacle to enjoying the present moment at any stage of life. A magnetic and optimistic personality that never misses a chance to have fun, share with others, and express all the love and joy it embodies.

People in this chapter are artists interested in anything that engages their senses, who need to create something out of their imagination to feel alive. Words can communicate ideas, but to express our feelings, we need the unparalleled power of art.

Your entire life consists of the present moment. If you are attracted to this chapter, you love finding beauty in simple things. Surround yourself with art and feel inspired to create and bring your imagination to life. You often find yourself daydreaming, drifting through ideas and thoughts of all kinds, wanting to express them to transform the world around you.


Strengths: art, communication, optimism, curiosity, youth. The challenge: Their biggest challenge is working through creative blocks and fighting their emotional nature, which might someti- mes bring demotivation. However, pushing themselves to stay disciplined and focused in the changing environment is vital for them to achieve their purpose. Wear this chapter as a reminder: To connect with your inner child and get closer to your authentic self. To be more present and enjoy each moment for what it is, embracing all types of creative expression and the connection you share with others.

Let it all go; see what stays.

About Chapters Collection:

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