The Sparrow of Change
The Sparrow of Change
The Giver
The Sparrow of Change
The Sparrow of Change
The Sparrow of Change

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Chapter 5
The Sparrow of Change

Somewhere, something extraordinary is waiting to be discovered.

The Sparrow of change is a free spirit, able to flow and adapt to thrive in different environments.

Sparrows of change are very curious and social, they bounce from one exciting experience to the next, squeezing every possible bit of enjoyment out of life in their quest to find fulfillment.

While change may be scary for most people, for them, it’s the fuel for their creative expression.

There is nothing permanent except change.

If you find yourself attracted to this chapter, you have a strong desire to push your limits and explore unknown territories, to come up with original and different ways to navigate life, challenging anything conventional.

You are always down for an adventure and are unafraid to let go and be carried where the wind may take you.


Strengths: adventurous, flexible, unpredictable, outgoing.
The challenge: The biggest challenge of Sparrows of Change is to work on their commitment. A constant need to change their situation may ultimately lead to a feeling of unfulfillment and dissatisfaction. However, finding gratitude and appre- ciation for what they are experiencing now will balance their need to find the next big stimulation.
Wear this chapter as a reminder: To seek freedom. It will help you understand your transformation and adaptability as an essential part of the cycle of life. To liberate yourself from attachments and fear, work on your individuality and embrace the unpredictability of the unknown, as it is a realm full of the possibilities you are looking for.

The nature of a sparrow was never to live inside a cage

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