The Visionary
The Visionary
The Visionary
The Visionary
The Visionary
The Visionary

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Chapter 1 The Visionary Seeing a door where others see a wall.

A natural leader capable of creating opportunities. A true innovator, a pioneer, who feels that coming up with ideas is not enough, needs to bring them to life and is happiest when accomplishing them. Confidence and charisma give the visionaries courage and energy to take action and risks to accomplish whatever they have set their minds to. Visionaries are fast learners who fuel their energy through many interests, hobbies, areas of study, and artistic projects. They can master different skills fulfilling their natural ability to lead and inspire others.

As the lion, the visionary leads the way into the jungle through an undiscovered journey.

If you find yourself attracted to this chapter, you might seek original ways of doing things, trust your innate creativity, and visualize yourself materializing something you’ve always wanted to do. You do not have to understand everything logically; intuition is your greatest ally, and there is no reason to hold yourself back.

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Strengths: Innovation, Self-focus, Motivation, Independence The challenge: The visionaries’ greatest challenges are becoming genuinely confident in their abilities and practice, trusting and cooperating with others, and letting go of their ego and tendency towards dominance. Wear this chapter as a reminder: To prioritize yourself more often, have a stronger drive and initiative, and feel independent and confident about thriving on your own. To believe in your ideas and trust that achieving what you are capable of requires time, effort, and dedication. To be bold and have the courage to finally start that project creeping into the back of your mind waiting to see the light of day.

It’s scary to jump, but scarier, regretting not having done it.

About Chapters Collection:

  • Handcrafted and finished by artisans in Bali.
  • 100% Recycled solid sterling silver base.
  • 2 different options for chain: handmade and classic.
  • Free engraving (1 letter or number): please specify which one you would like to have engraved in the “order notes” box at checkout.
  • This entire collection is handmade, please allow 7-10 days for the order to be completed before shipping.
  • Exclusive Rawile Chapters box with antique coin.
  • Every design comes with a unique story.
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