As many other ideas this short film has been sitting still on the back of our minds for many months until this year we decided to make it happen. 2020 has been a very emotionally challenging year and we thought we would gift you this little tribute to love, to never stop believing that these stories happen, all over the world.

The idea of this short film was born a year ago in a casual conversation. Inspired on our personal story and on the magic of Bali, we had one thing clear: the film had to transmit genuine LOVE and the importance of finding that deep & true connection and not sacrificing it for what society dictates.

So a little last minute (as per usual) we started detailing the script and planning the production as well as looking for actors in Bali that would play our main character’s roles. It has been by far the most challenging project we have ever done, and we can say we have learnt sooo much in the process.

Through our Instagram casting we found Anny and Egor, we arranged a meeting at home to discuss the script and the characters and did a first camera test. We knew since the very beginning they were perfect to play Cara and Nick. This was probably the biggest relief since it wasn’t at all easy to find actors in Bali that fitted the idea we had of our characters and were willing to give their all during the following 10 intense days of filming.


So we were all set, production planning was looking good, all locations arranged, actors, team, props, outfits, jewelry. We just couldn’t make the weather fit our plans and we ended up having the most rainy week possible. Bali rainy season really challenged us. We had to improvise and change plans almost everyday, adapt to  what we had, make rain as part of the story, use interiors and make the most of the non rainy days to achieve our filming objectives.

Apart from this, Anny (our main actress), had an injury on her feet the second day of filming and all throughout the short film she struggled with pain, visits to the hospital and having to keep up with our frenetic ever-changing filming plans. As a result we had to postpone all the water scenes since she couldn’t have her wound wet. And we want to be honest here, at some point we thought we were not gonna make it on time.

The experience of working with actors (together with dealing with the climate) was no doubts the most challenging part of the project, dealing with  humans desires, egos and perspectives different from our own was sometimes exhausting and we had to walk the extra mile to stay loyal to our original ideas and be very persistent to achieve what we had in mind initially.

However the planets aligned and somehow the last possible day we had to film we had amazing weather, Anny was suddenly feeling much better and was willing to get into the water and we could shoot all our pending scenes the same day! This was literally all the water scenes as well as the sunsets this last day of shooting, we really couldn’t believe our luck, we were so so happy.


Duality film was made to share with you our understanding of love, to encourage you to pursue what really makes you happy, even if that means leaving behind what you thought you were, to take the opportunities life gives you because many times they only come once. But most of all, it shows the importance of finding that deep & true connection and not sacrificing it for what society dictates.


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