Trough your support, as a brand, we have been able to donate to foundations we believe have a positive impact on the society and need the most help so they can keep achieving their goals.

With the first auction we donated to Bali Life Foundation who focuses on improving the education of this kids in Bali because like us, they believe that education is the key of personal development and success and were able to feed 50 families in need.

They have been working hard to keep supporting all the families and children that depend on its services during the pandemic, so a little extra help was much needed and appreciated.


Bali Life is  a small charity with a big heart. It  was founded in 2005 by Brad and Siska. They started it after a boy in the streets begged them to take him with them. They were heartbroken and decided they needed to help get the kids away from the streets. The foundation is now run by Siska’s brother Piter.

Their motto is to provide hope, purpose, dignity and a future to the underprivileged women and children in Bali.

It has two main ways of helping:



This is a place for children who have lost their families. They provide a shelter, food and education. We visited the center last month and were pleasantly surprised by it. As soon as we entered their facilities in the Bukit there were children playing around, singing. The big building was nothing bright and full of life. They looked so happy and we immediately knew that we had chosen the right foundation. Bali Life gives  these children the family they lost.

The kids have shared rooms with a maximum of 4 children per room. They have school lessons, but what we liked the most was the fact that they give equal importance to arts and sports. All the kids are encouraged to play an instrument and they are taken to surf or swimming lessons regularly.

Piter told us – very proudly- that this year 5 alumni graduated from University, one of them Magna Cumlaude. We do believe it’s because the kids grow up in a family like environment, encouraged to strive not only by the teachers and staff but also by their piers.

They have a big/little brother system where the elder lead by example, creating a sense or responsibility.

Many of their former children have returned to become teachers or help in any other way.

Also Piter’s own children receive their education there, which is obviously a very good sign. He is educating each and every one of those 47 children (at the moment) as one of their own and it shows.


It’s like a day care center that offers classes for children and their mothers, in hopes that this education would be the starting point to a better life. The children get informal schooling along with activities, lunch and snacks.

We got to the center and were welcomed by the cutest dance performance. Again we were thrilled to see these kids thriving and happy. It really shows the good work that the guys at Bali Life are doing.

All the kids were very outgoing and we had a really nice time getting to know them.

The moms were busy with different crafts activities. They learn how to knit and wove to make all sorts of things that they can then sell and make a better living than with picking trash from the landfill.

It’s also a good way to keep the families together, creating again a sense of responsibility for the moms to set the example for their children.

Not only the center tries to give each of the 40 children attending a balanced diet meal, knowing that for some of these children this is the only time they will eat in the day, the health of the children is also monitored through regular check-ups.

During tough times like this the services and support that the Street Kids Centre provides are more critical than ever to ensure a better future for these kids.


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