At the beginning of 2020, when the pandemic started, we found ourselves stuck in Tulum, Mexico. We had just launched Rawile a couple of months before, and it was beginning to take off slowly. Most of our campaigns and projects were canceled, we couldn’t go back to Bali, and everything that was supposed to be a certain way had suddenly changed. It shook us and made us realize we needed to go all in with Rawile, putting all our energy and intention into our passion project wherever we were. We wanted to connect with people through our jewelry designs on a more personal level, to create talismans symbolizing stories that inspired us and whoever we reached, and to prove that you can reinvent yourself when things don’t go as planned.

Three years later, Rawile has become a full-time project. We have been releasing new designs and limited editions that

stand the test of time and trends, each telling a different story. However, since the beginning, we have wanted to create a bigger collection with a solid unifying concept.

We stumbled upon numerology, an ancient study that describes the influence of numbers on human beings and their environment. Each number from 1 to 9 has a personality and meaning; and you can find your number through your birth date. So we started researching more about it, and it got us very curious.

We have always been inspired by spirituality and astrology. Personality types, the enneagram, the zodiac, tarot, and numerology are concepts that help you guide your path, and believe that you are part of something greater; that there are others like you with similar ideologies, moods, and attitudes.

All these concepts inspired us, but what if you don’t feel 100% identified with your imposed “type”? We constantly evolve and change, and every experience we go through defines us. Should we keep believing we are “meant to be” a certain way? Can we not decide who we want to be? We needed to come up with a completely original concept, something we were proud of and genuinely believed in ourselves. We did not want to create a collection that limits you but gives you the freedom to choose who your story’s main character is.

The idea rested in the back of our minds for a while and it wasn’t until almost a year and a half later that something clicked. We were back in Bali then, and having our friends around helped.

Everyone we met on this island had gone through a breakthrough in life, accepting change to become a new person in their current chapter. Our friends had gone from selling cars to writing, from bartending to making music, from writing code to photography, from high technology to interior design, from taking lessons in a classroom to learning in the field, corporate workers turned entrepreneurs, and the list goes on…

Each of us is a universe of ideas and experiences. We are constantly evolving interests, pursuing the things that make us feel alive. So why be defined if we can try, explore, risk, and put ourselves in diverse situations to become different characters in our own story?


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