Rawile Gems is a project that we started from our desire to help the beautiful community we live in. 

It is based on finding a raw crystals we find and making a jewelry piece out of it, which makes it completely unique. 

The idea came after finding a rare raw Aquamarine. We were playing around with wax trying to reverse the creative process. We usually search for a concept or specific message in advance to guide the design but this time the message was the process itself, experimenting with textures and guided by our intuition; finding beauty in the imperfections that made the piece different and one of a kind.

The result came out beautifully and we decided to made it into an actual jewelry piece. We knew we wanted it to be unique and that it wasn’t meant to be part of our regular collection. This is how we came up with the idea behind “Rawile Gems”, a line where all designs will be made with our own hands using raw stones; all of them sold through an auction and donating the proceeds to beautiful projects helping causes in need.

Each piece sold will help us help the ones who need it most.

Our first design, the raw aquamarine ring, (made in solid 18k gold with a raw aquamarine) was sold for 1500€.

We donated the proceeds to Bali Life Foundation, a charity with similar values as ours. Here you can find more information.


For the second piece we found a raw rainbow moonstone and made a unique necklace as a reminder of cycles and changes, to trust in your intuition and to focus on what brings you joy; to be more vulnerable and know that the next full moon can bring better things.

Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings. Like the moon the stone is reflective and reminds us that, as the moon wax and wanes, everything is a part of a cycle of change.

It was sold for 1625€ and all the proceeds will go to Merah Putih Hijau Bali. A foundation that empowers village communities in Bali to achieve circula economy by building material management systems.

With your help we wil be supporting more organizations and together we will be making a difference.


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