“RAWILE UNIQUE” is our new line for exclusive customers who want to bring their ideas into a unique custom design made only once in solid yellow, white or rose gold. A piece for you meant to last generations.


We will use your story as reference and inspiration to guide the design process.

We like to create our ideas from scratch and are very strict on our authenticity values.

Therefore we don’t replicate or copy any existing design.
This is a warranty that your design will be unique and only made once for you.


Your design will be made of up to 10 gr. of solid 18 karat yellow, white or rose gold. And because every piece is unique, every packaging is too.

Each Rawile unique piece has its own special box hand-carved in teak wood, giving once again the starring role to our expert artisans. Together with the initial sketches and the story behind your jewelry creation, you will receive a quality & exclusivity certificate as well.


Our first designs have been a success, from influences like Chelsea Kauai and Sam Kolder, Marie Fe and Jake Snow or Lost Leblanc to actors like Juanpa Zurita and Macarena Achaga as well as many loyal customers, all of our clients have loved their unique pieces. 


Through Rawile Unique we want to create with you, to help you immortalize concepts, emotions and corners of the world.

We put our whole creativity and effort into each design that’s why we can only take 3 custom orders per month.
 We need 3 weeks to fulfill each order, as there is very meticulous artisanal process behind our creations.

Rawile unique is the perfect present full of beautiful intentions for an important occasion or life event. Book your slot to start designing your Rawile unique below.



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