We took the jump towards the sustainable fashion movement.

Introducing: The Jumpsuit Collection.


We have worked hard to bring this piece to life and after testing it for months now it’s finally here. 

Handcrafted from 100% linen plant-dyed fabric this multipurpose piece is made for free people by free people. We wanted to create a unisex item that could work for everyone, that we could use in any circumstance and that aligned with our values of quality, durability and sustainability. 

From the plant-dying to the manufacturing and packaging, we have worked with family-owned small workshops to create these pieces.

The workshop that plant- dyes our fabric works under the philosophy to not harm the trees and plants they use, working with local farmers to source leaf waste and cuttings. They also have their own garden to produce renewable wood and leaves that are dried, boiled or steamed to create their plant-based dye extracts.

For this collection we have used Ketapang leaf to create the beige color, that same leaf plus indigo extracts to create the black and mahogany leaf and mango leaf to create the blush earthy tone.

The idea was to make a basic for your suitcase, with a palette that you could wear as easily on an adventure in the jungle as on a night out if you pair it with your favorite Rawile jewelry pieces.

Can’t wait to see how you style this versatile piece and take it to your aventures.
The Rawile Team.


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